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This paper presents a testing approach for kernel P systems (kP systems), based on the X-machine testing approach and the concept of cover automaton. The testing methodology ensures that the implementation conforms the specifications, under certain conditions, such as the identifiability concept in the context of kernel P systems. Best Student Paper Award
In CMC19, 2018

A kernel P system integrates in a coherent and elegant manner some of the most successfully used features of the P systems employed in modelling various applications. It also provides a theoretical framework for analysing these applications and a software environment for simulating and verifying them. In this paper, we illustrate the modelling capabilities of kernel P systems by showing how other classes of P systems can be represented with this formalism and providing a number of kernel P system models for a sorting algorithm and a broadcasting problem. We also show how formal verification can be used to validate that the given models work as desired. Finally, a test generation method based on automata is extended to non-deterministic kernel P systems.
Theor Comput Sci, 2018

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. Testing Identifiable Kernel P Systems using an X-machine Approach. In CMC19, 2018.

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. Generating Complex Paths for Testing from an EFSM. In QRS, 2018.


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. A Hybrid Test Generation Approach Based on Extended Finite State Machines. In SYNASC 2016, 2016.




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